Betwixt the Veil is a new fantasy podcast series written by Sethwordsmith and performed by Erin Miller. Once a month we will delve into a world of magic mystery and myths come to life. Prepare to embark on a journey through our known world and into those of the fey and beyond! Where creatures that were thought to be legends, walk among us. Where magic, conjures, crafts, and creates our existence!

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The Girl from Fox Hollow  

Young blademaster Aron of Darien is keeping out of trouble teaching swordsmanship in the city of Oxport when one of his pupils brings a young man, Roger, to him who has been badly beaten trying to rescue his sweetheart from a brothel. Aron is disinclined to do anything until he hears that the man who inflicted the beating is Saxish and possibly one of a group of mercenaries who betrayed Darien leading to the death of Aron's father. If the man was one of the betrayers then Aron will kill him, but first he must establish if he was at Darien. They plot the rescue, Aron kills the Saxishman, Roger and sweetheart are reunited then a Saxish wizard rides into Oxport.

The Unification of Paikmeriz  

In the six kingdoms of Paikmeriz, the elves and humans hold onto a fragile peace. Distrust, a hunger for power, and a burning desire for revenge now threaten a return to war. As an ancient and powerful evil rises over the land, only a troubled swordmaster may be able to prevent the bloodshed. 

The fires of revenge burn deep within Engerahin Lovdiena, a talented swordmaster who plots to repay the savage acts of a despotic king. After witnessing the death of his friend, and the imprisonment of the warrior's father, only retribution can temper his tortured soul. 

As the six kingdoms seek to unify under one ruler, Engerahin must temper his vengeful wrath when he is charged with protecting Arywin, the beautiful elven princess who may be the only hope of uniting the kingdoms of Paikmeriz. But there are those who wish to cling to their power and former glories. Corrupted by the poisonous words of his scheming advisor, the brutal and remorseless human King Gerahim of Warling seeks to extinguish the first rays of peace and hope. 

The enemies at home aren't the only threat, with rumors and fearful whispers that an ancient evil has re-awakened, threatening death and destruction across the land. Can Engerahin and Arywin succeed in bringing the kingdoms of Paikmeriz to stand together, or will their division lead to their inevitable downfall?

Casey's Angels  

Casey's Angels is a short story that illustrates the unwavering love and fierce loyalty of dogs. 

It's told through the humble eyes of Casey, a sixteen year old Golden Retriever with the ability to smell angels and demons. Like most dogs, Casey is protective of his human and vows to keep him safe from harm at all costs. Though age has taken its toll on him physically, it has also brought him wisdom and enhanced his ability to sniff out good and evil. 

A condensed version of this story won a coveted top ten spot in the 2017 Florida Writer's Association Anthology. The publication's theme was "What A Character". Casey is a memorable character. He demonstrates that not all heroes don armor or wear capes. Some may have floppy ears and a furry coat. 

Don't let appearances fool you, beneath his golden coat beats the bravest and purest of hearts.

Collection of Short Stories, by Allusir  

These pieces were all written as part of community contests. It's been great fun writing these shorts, and I'm happy to share them all with you. Some have a deeper message, and some are just fun (I'll let you decide which are which). Some are set in more fantastical worlds than others, but all have at least a mythical creature. Honestly, life is just more fun when you add in a dragon—whether it's your friend or foe.

Late Night Snack, by Chris Holmes  

Speed dating nights at the Apple Martini Lounge bring out all the usual suspects.... like a dozen insecure guys and, of course, Eddie Ridell. Eddie's a regular participant who's only interest is to hook-up for the night and not get involved in any serious relationships. 

Loud, cocky and obnoxious, Eddie's always confident he'll beat his male competition and win a date with the prettiest woman in the bar. But tonight, there's a handsome guy who enters the competition and poses a threat to Eddie. To turn up the heat even more, two new ladies have joined the event. Eddie's immediately mesmerized by one in particular - a long, lean, raven-haired beauty. But he's unsure if he's impressed her with his good looks. 

Determined to win a date with her, he pours on the charm and tries his best to convince this sensual lady he can satisfy her appetite for love