Casey's Angels 

Casey's Angels is a short story that illustrates the unwavering love and fierce loyalty of dogs. 

It's told through the humble eyes of Casey, a sixteen year old Golden Retriever with the ability to smell angels and demons. Like most dogs, Casey is protective of his human and vows to keep him safe from harm at all costs. Though age has taken its toll on him physically, it has also brought him wisdom and enhanced his ability to sniff out good and evil. 

A condensed version of this story won a coveted top ten spot in the 2017 Florida Writer's Association Anthology. The publication's theme was "What A Character". Casey is a memorable character. He demonstrates that not all heroes don armor or wear capes. Some may have floppy ears and a furry coat. 

Don't let appearances fool you, beneath his golden coat beats the bravest and purest of hearts.

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